Industry Events

Telarus attends the two industry events as a team among others during the year including Channel Partners in Las Vegas and the east coast Channel Partners conference that will be in Boston, Massachusetts this coming fall. Telarus has perfected it’s own top industry event, Telarus Partner Summit, which allows for much more interaction and facilitates discussions with top industry experts.

Channel Partners in Las Vegas

In the past decade at the Channel Partners show in Las Vegas, Telarus has built it’s presence with agents through booth exhibition and participation in presentations and discussions regarding the channel. This event is held during late February and mid-March to start the year off with top industry content and direction. Telarus uses this event primarily to meet with agents and carriers in one specific location. Supplier management and senior leadership meet with Telarus carriers to recap results from previous year and present partner feedback on what improvements are needed to be successful together in 2015.

Cloud Partners – East Coast

Many partners who live on the east coast tend to pass on the opportunity to attend Channel Partners in Las Vegas and attend the east coast event in September known as Cloud Partners. The event, ran by Virgo Publishing, tends to be heavily focused on improvements needed as the industry moves towards cloud and complex solutions.

Telarus supplier management and senior leadership also attend Cloud Partners for similar reasons they do for Channel Partners, to build and strengthen relationships with top Telarus suppliers.

This year, Telarus will not use this booth as an opportunity for exhibiting the Telarus booth, but rather look for more opportunities to be in the branding element of the event. This includes opportunities for executive leadership to speak at events by engaging with the partner and supplier communities to promote thought leadership.

Other Events attended in 2015:

  • Channel Focus
  • InterOp
  • Telarus Partner Summit 2015

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